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Thursday, September 23, 2021

How to provide admin rights on Citrix and Windows server?

There are different ways to check the admin rights on the windows server or in the Citrix environment.

One of the methods is a simple one. Let's follow the below steps.

Here we go!

  1. Please go to in start option in the Windows server
  2. Open Server Manager
  3. Go to the Tools menu at the right corner 
  4. Click on Computer Management  (Computer management window will get opened)
  5. Click on Local Users and Groups 
  6. Go into the Groups folders 
  7. Click on the Administrators
  8. You will get all administrator List

And from Users Folders, you can assign any users as an Administrator 

Using the above steps you can provide or check admin rights on Citrix and Windows servers. 


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Why there is more scope for Data scientist?

Job Opportunities in Big Data. 

You can never get away from statistics in your life. Banks, private companies, government agencies, administrations and many other places need a lot of information and statistics. Of course it is a kind of data. Data needs to be stored and saved. So i. In T., the work on Big Data is in full swing. The process of improving business, making decisions and backing up information on competitors, storing statistics and other practical information, all fall into Big Data.

Income. T. Bigdata is a great option from a career point of view after engineering. This is because the demand for analytics professionals, data scientists is increasing in many multinational and Indian companies. Many tools have to be used while working in data analytics. For this you need to have his skills. You can work in data analytics using many tools like Table Public, OpenRefine, RapidMinor, Google Fusion Tables. Hadoop is an open source distributed Big Data framework that handles data processing, complex data management and its storage for large data applications running in clustered systems. It mainly involves information processing.

BigData's work also includes robotics technology, such as machine learning and Amazon webservices. Concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning have no alternative but big data for information management. And as you know, artificial intelligence technology is gaining momentum today, which is why the demand for BigData is growing.

So this is an open way to build a career in BigData. For this, it is necessary to acquire the skills of the above mentioned tools. Courses are also available at private institutes in cities like Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore. As soon as you become a BigData expert, you get a job as a BigData Analytics Consultant, Analytics Associate, Business Intelligence Analytics Consultant, while experienced people get a job as a BigData Analytics Architect, Metrics or Analytics Specialist. Companies are also offering good packages for this.